Saturday, April 15, 2006

Primal Scream Country Girl

Quite strange - I've been having a bit of a Primal Scream revival and so there I was, listening to 'Kill All Hippies' with the tv on with the sound down - like you do when you're me - and Bea shouted 'Dad!' as if I was about to be hit by a lorry - and lo! on the box was the new Primals video for Country Girl - their new single.
Hear it on the link above - video here... article here
It's a pleasant song - sounding like they went back again to listening to the Stones Let it Bleed LP for this country stomp. The album apparently ditches all the electronic sounds of the past so we should prepare for more of this sort of stuff. They previously mined this territory before Mani joined and instituted a more bass-driven sound - whether this will be the case - we shall see. The video is a kind of countryfied 'Smack my bitch up' so be content...I can see the video might cause speculation that it's about Kate Moss...was that intentional?
Anyway it seems the band are touring at the moment - maybe I picked upon that somehow hence my revival - there's a review and set list of their recent show on at and here
Apparently they are playing the Isle of Wight this June.
Their forthcoming album Riot City Blues has this tracklisting - 01 Country Girl 02 Nitty Gritty 03 Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar 04 When The Bomb Drops 05 Little Death 06 The 99th Floor 07 Boogie Disease 08 Dolls 09 Hell's Comin' Down 10 Sometimes I Feel So Lonely
I don't suppose the track Boogie Disease will be the Doctor Ross track from Sun records back in the 50s but you never know - the band has got good taste when it comes to oldies, covering 'Slip Inside this House' by Rocky Erickson. Nitty Gritty? Is this anything to do with the Shirley Ellis track? I was reliably informed the Nitty-gritty was the name given to the foul matter that was at the bottom of slave ships.
So text away to your video station (The pop TV request channels have added the video: The Box (Channel 349: 09056 52 52 52) Selection #123, The Hits (Channel 358/Freeview 18: 09056 525 777) Selection #106 Those calls cost money and we would prefer if you chose the Hits since this is one channel we watch all the time... Apart from E4 music.) and then I can watch the whole thing with the sound up.

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