Monday, August 30, 2010

Red Balloon clip

Reissued in HD. Did you know the film's director invented the board game 'Risk'? Well it's true.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

CPS Myspace

Bristol singer-songwriter CPS has a new-look myspace with some videos and songs for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Demain dès l'aube (2009)

Thanks to a French speaking friend for letting me know about this French film which explores the world of reenacting in a darker way than say 'Faintheart'

Imdb says
Just saw this one at the Göteborg International Filmfestival. It was my opening film, and considering the talent, I expected something quality, and I got it. Vincent Perez plays a concert pianist, Mathieu, who takes a break from his good, but perhaps complicated life, to offer support to his brother Paul (Jeremie Renier), who lives with their very sick mother. Paul is into reenacting historical battles from the Napoleonic era, and Mathieu is sucked into this fantasy world, to stand by his brother. It turns out that the fantasy is more real than he had bargained for, and things get serious when people are easily offended, while playing the game. I'm not about to give the whole story away, but besides the interesting plot and excellent acting, there is also beautiful piano music and fantastic dueling scenes at dawn with great light. So go see, I'm glad I did!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Dang Paydirt!

My son and I started a discussion with our selves about what the phrase was in this Dowliners Sect black horror comic offering 'I want my baby back' and so we decided to ask the man himself, and emailed the Sect and got a reply from Legendary vocalist Don Craine and he says it is 'Hot Dang Paydirt' - there - now you know.

Joe 90 theme

I was bout 9 when this came out and I got presribed some corrective glasses and I chose some to look like Joe 90. The only trouble was I got called 'Joe 90' which I didn't foresee or like. I stopped wearing them. Then later I had to wear specs - and when I went onstage at Bath Pavilion with Animals & men I heard someone shout 'Joe 90' at me from the crowd. Wow that was a bummer. Good theme though.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Papo Prestige 1er Empire

Sometimes it works out rather well having a daughter working for a toy shop. She snapped up these discounted French Napoleonic cavalry with her staff discount at 4 quid each! I feel like a kid again. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1792 Aux Armes Citoyens

More French Revolutionary fun for you.

Chouans! (1988) (trailer)

Movie set in the Vendee during the French Revolution.Imdb

Valmy 1792-2012

This pivotal battle of the French Revolution is being recreated in 2012 which is great as I love the period. It has a Facebook page so check it out.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix 'My Little One'

So Brian Jones will always have a 'what if' hanging over him. He was apparently going to do a group 'Balls' with Lennon and Hendrix - but who knows? Read about his legacy here.

Salamanda Palaganda

Picked up a copy of Prophets Seers and Sages by Tyrannosaurus Rex today for 45p. That's a bargain in anyone's world. I do like the Steve Peregrine Took era much more than the later Mickey Finn years. Seems more underground and more sincere. We used to be in the Tyrannosaurus Rex appreciation society - they used to publish old programmes and the odd vinyl release - it was good. Read Steve Took's reply to Marc Bolan's answer 'In the Gutter Somewhere' to the question where's Steve Peregrine Took these days? here

Invicta dinosaurs

We have a pretty good collection of these plastic dinosaurs that were sold at the Natural History Museum - and we still add to them when we find them. It has become unpopular to make large hard plastic dinosaurs these days after kids used them as clubs to batter siblings so they are a bit of a relic of the past. Kids loved to chew these so finding ones that haven't been munched is also a challenge.

New Beyonce single

The good thing about nobody reading this blog much means I can post what I like and I do like this video for the single 'Why don't you love me?' by Ms Knowles. Sort of influenced by Betty Page and done in a home movie style there is plenty of humour and some gratuitous smoking in here. Well done.

Monday, August 02, 2010

'The Twelves (Dirty Dozens)' KOKOMO ARNOLD (1935)

John Peel used to play this fast paced suggestive blues a lot. I can see why - it's almost punk rock - an attacking riff, irreverant lyrics and a louche persona - what else do you need? Wiki on the man.