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Radstock Hill Climb - 1965

These tramways or 'drammies' were all over the Radstock landscape at one time - you can see the marks on the hillsides where they used to run. The evacuee children used to ride on them - the local children knew better and would get a thick ear or so my Dad used to tell us.

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Animals & Men

A collection belonging to a collector.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lee Dorsey - Working In The Coal Mine

Drink Up Thy Zider (1967)

As it's apple time at the moment here's a great clip of the legendary Adge Cutler and his band at a cider pressing plant. Magic.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Frome pubs

Frome Museum volunteer and author Mick Davis, along with Valerie Pitt, has published a book on the history of all the lost pubs in the town, following a hugely successful exhibition in 2014
It's published by Akeman Press at 58 Minster Way, Bath BA2 6RL ( and is available from them for £10 post free or from Frome Museum, 1 North Parade, open from 10am to 2pm Tuesday to Saturday; The Hunting Raven, Cheap Street, on 01373 473 111, and from Frome's more discerning ale houses.
It would make a great Christmas present!

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Article on Henry Hutton

article from the Frome Standard on Henry Hutton of The Bad Detectives

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From Frome artist Bos

Cley Hill a folk tale by Scott Mackillican and Boswell now available ...first 30 copies include A3 poster of Hell £10 incl P+P (within UK and Europe) msg me for more details paypal : or vist the online shop here :…/cley-hill-a-folk-tale

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Labour Party Conference pic

Here's my Dad. Escorring new-Nazi Colin Jordan out of the Labour Party Conference. From here

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A relic from my printing days

Garamond swash italic

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Animals & Men facebook page

Prroof reader

Just in case the exhibition on Frome's history doesn't feature any proof readers I thought I'd supply my own photo of me doing it back in the 80s.

Making an Impression: Frome’s Printing Past

here for more

30th June – 14th November 2015

1950s Dreadnought
Frome has been home to several printers and this exhibition will highlight the importance of the town’s printing industry over time, with particular emphasis on the town’s most high profile colour book printing company of Butler and Tanner.

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Norton St Philip fete - 27th June

Website here
I will be here selling copies of the booklet The Days of King Monmouth

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Days of King Monmouth

Finally got round to getting this to the printers - should be ready in a week or two - it's a day to day guide to the Rebellion from when he landed on June 11th up to the executions and beyond. About 45pp.  Colour art by Sean O'Brogain.
When it's ready in a couple of weeks it will be available from here

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Kev Saunders - the early days

Article here on Frome musician Kev.

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Something I am pretty excited about and spotted by Michael James on my Monmouth Rebellion FB group is this series which is getting the DVD reissue treatment! It has an excellent story and is well worth getting. The Sedgemoor episode was especially good but then I was an impressionable child when I saw it.  Do you remember it?
Details here

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Animals and Men live in EXETER supporting the Sleaford Mods

review here

'We got some great shots of a legendary band who supported sleaford mods last week in Exeter, they're called Animals & Men and they ROCKED the place'

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animals & men badge

from Bernard's collection is this original - sold quite a few around and about

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

new Bad Detectives album

"The Bad Detectives are hard to pigeon-hole and that's a good thing right?
In their 10 year recording history with Western Star the band have recorded 5 albums and appeared on numerous compilations. Their music has often popped up on TV shows and the band seems to get a lot of airplay. With a world-wide cult following The Bad Detectives amble along, seemingly unaware of their popularity. We're proud to have them on Western Star!
The Bad Detectives The Curious World of WSRC 088
1. Tiki Tunnels
2. Demon Surfer
3. Whos Gonna Watch The Skies
4. Sheppard’s Barton Special Agent
5. The Chesil Beach Luau
6. Glam Rock Lock-In
7. BSA Bantam
8. Hoodoo On Me
9. Michael Landon Bit Me
10. Emmets & Grockles
11. Bloody Mary
12. When The Levels Break
13. So Long Baby I’m Toast"…/the-curious-world-of---the-…

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Willie Mabon - I'm Mad!

American Folk & Blues Festival. Germany, 1980. with: Hubert Sumlin (guitar), Eddie Taylor ( 2nd guitar), Bob Strogger (bass), Odie Payne (drums)