Sunday, March 22, 2015

animals & men badge

from Bernard's collection is this original - sold quite a few around and about

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

new Bad Detectives album

"The Bad Detectives are hard to pigeon-hole and that's a good thing right?
In their 10 year recording history with Western Star the band have recorded 5 albums and appeared on numerous compilations. Their music has often popped up on TV shows and the band seems to get a lot of airplay. With a world-wide cult following The Bad Detectives amble along, seemingly unaware of their popularity. We're proud to have them on Western Star!
The Bad Detectives The Curious World of WSRC 088
1. Tiki Tunnels
2. Demon Surfer
3. Whos Gonna Watch The Skies
4. Sheppard’s Barton Special Agent
5. The Chesil Beach Luau
6. Glam Rock Lock-In
7. BSA Bantam
8. Hoodoo On Me
9. Michael Landon Bit Me
10. Emmets & Grockles
11. Bloody Mary
12. When The Levels Break
13. So Long Baby I’m Toast"…/the-curious-world-of---the-…