Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Graham Bond Organisation - Harmonica 1965

 From the film Gonks Go Beat

The Adventures of Gerard (1970)

 One film that I didn't see in 1970 that was about the Napoleonic wars is this one. I think I have seen it now and it's not that good. Based on a short story by Conan-Doyle.

The Years of Napoleon (1972) Almark publications

 Old book with artwork by Gerry Embleton

Mother of the regiment

 Article (French language) about the important female role in French regiments. 

Battleground - Waterloo part 1 (1978)

 Edward Woodward introduces a wargame between two of the pivotal figures in the growth of wargaming in the 1970s - Peter Gilder (as Napoleon - takes on John Braithwaite (Garrison Miniatures).

IMDB on the series which is up on Youtube. (Gettysburg Edgehill and Waterloo)

The Fall - The Frenz Experiment (1988) Expanded Edition

 Of course Mark E. Smith was a wargamer of the Napoleonic period. Steve Hanley mentioned it in his book the Big Midweek which is a great read. 

Newly reissued album by the Fall. Good starting point if you haven't heard the Fall before. 

Airfix Napoleonics


The film Waterloo came about the same time as this range of 1/72 figures of the most famous of the Waterloo protagonists. It also coincided with me actually painting the figures too although I wasn't so hot. The Waterloo farmhouse came out in 1971 by that time the range was well established. There was a boadgame from Airfix but I don't remember it.

Ralph Mitchard in about 1971

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (1960)

 Trailer. 60 years old today. Watch it if you like good British films. Wiki

Gloria Jones Heartbeat 1966

 From "Where the Action Is"  originally aired 10/26/66. Written by Ed Cobb who also wrote Tainted Love. 

Airfix 54mm figures


Andy J was interested in this so I scanned a few pages of an old Airfix catalogue I have. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Blucher meeting Wellington from the movie Waterloo


Andy J had this. It's an image from the souvenir booklet that wasn't in the cut released. Shame as the Germans have complained of their treatment in the film.

Filming in Radstock

 Currently in two locations. Info on Radstock Nub News

Waterloo 50th anniversary


Today the 26th is the 50th anniversary of this epic film. I was 10 and went with my Dad. He knew the projectionist and managed to blag me the poster (shown here) and I had it up on my bedroom wall for ages afterwards. If you fancy watching it there a number of versions on YouTube. The first half an hour you can skip in my humble opinion.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

'When' Dave Clark Five

 Dinah (Barbara Ferris) and Steve (Dave Clark) wander with The Dave Clark Five's 'When' as a backdrop.

From the brilliant film 'Catch Us If You Can'.

Howlin Wolf - Shake for Me, I'll Be Back Someday, Love Me Darlin (Live)

 Not sure of the date. Mid 60s. Lovely guitar by Hubert Sumlin.

Alligator Wine by Screamin' Jay Hawkins 1957

There is a great biography of SJH and it was telling the story of this song. It was a big budget follow up to I Put a Spell on You. Guitar Mickey Baker, song by Leiber and Stoller what more do you need? It wasn't a hit. But it is great and ideal for Halloween so I thought I it.

Lyrics by Leiber and Stoller.

Take the blood out of an alligator, heh
Take the left eye out a fish, heh-heh
Take the skin off of a frog, heh-heh
Heh, and mix it all up in a dish
Add a cup of green swamp water
And then count from one to nine
Spill over your left shoulder
You got alligator wine
Alligator wine, ha-ha, ha-ha
Your porcupine, ha
It's gonna make you mine
Oh yeah! It's gonna make you mine
It'll make your head bald, baby
I say, it'll make your toes freeze
It'll turn your blood turn into steam (FSHHH!)
It'll make you cough and sneeze
You gotta scream like an eagle

You gotta roar like a mountain lion
When you get finished drinkin'
Good old alligator wine
Alligator wine
Your porcupine
It's gonna make you mine
Meet me at the stroke of midnight
By the swamp down in the wood
I'm gonna make you love me, baby
Like you never thought you could
You gonna break my magic potion
And your bloodshot eye is gonna shine
You gonna be scared forever
Too much alligator wine
Alligator wine
Your porcupine
It's gonna make you mine
Alligator wine...

Season Of The Witch Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity

 This version of a Donovan song from 1968 is very good fun. Ideal for this time of year. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Cheap street Frome

From the Frome museum archives,  a photo of a watercolour of Cheap Street by W.W. Wheatley dated 1830.

Co-op delivery bike

This is an exhibit at Radstock museum. My first after school job was using a bike like this for Frome Co-op in Palmer street. I remember they charged 5p a box for delivery and you could get two boxes in the front cage. Worst bit was it had very poor brakes and Frome is very hilly. I feared for a number of times and several times had to crash it to stop it. Good times.

Baby Shakes - Sweet 'N' Sour Part 2

 Something new. Heard this on Mickey Bradley.  Wiki on the band

Released 60 years this week


Remember seeing this at the cinema sometime later.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Waterloo movie anniversary

 Everyone ready for Monday!? 26 October marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of the film Waterloo. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Odessey & Oracle - Crocorama

 Something from this year. Heard on the radio,

AND THE BEAT GOES ON - The Sonny and Cher Story (1999) (Full movie)

 I like musical biopics - even the not so good ones. This is fun. A tv movie. 

Ralph and Susan's punk playlist

 Old school. 92 songs - over 4 hours. Enjoy. 

CBGB Theatrical Trailer #1 (2013) - Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint Movie HD

 I haven't seen this but I would probably watch it if it was on TV. Any of you seen it? Reviews are not favourable. Wiki on the film

asked on my Facebook page and people were complimentary about it.

Dead Boys - Live at CBGB's 1977

 For Stiv Bators birthday. This is great. First song is the best so if you only watch one....

About 28 minutes long,

01 | 00:46 | Sonic Reducer 02 | 03:37 | All This and More 03 | 06:23 | Not Anymore 04 | 09:44 | I Won't Look Back 05 | 12:24 | Flame Thrower Love 06 | 14:58 | I Need Lunch 07 | 18:33 | Ain't Nothin' to Do 08 | 21:14 | What Love Is 09 | 23:17 | High Tension Wire 10 | 25:21 | Search & Destroy

Big Joe Williams Highway 49

 Famous for writing Baby Please Don't Go he was a tough dude who used to play logging camps and all manner of tough gigs. Wiki

Midsomer Norton High Street

 Looking very halloweenie at the moment - come and visit Midsomer Norton - it's great. 

A few shops in the High Street. This is a really useful model shop 'Signals' that is mainly aimed at the railway modellers but they also have other things. Webpage here
This is the Savoy rooms - known locally as Bob's Palaise as it used to hold gigs and dances. Bands like the Swinging Blue Jeans, the Tornadoes and Vince Taylor played here back in the day. Now houses a number of businesses - a gym, a nightclub Fat Sams or Fatties as it is known. There is a late night fast food place called the Charcoal Grill or Charky gees.  let's not forget the comic book shop that is Celia's Place, and Magpie Vintage a great shop full of interesting things.
Midsomer Norton Town hall. They used to screen currentish films until the pandemic.

In the same building Magpie vintage who have a great window display as they organised a pumpkin trail of MSN shops and it has been successful.