Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger

Yesterday Red went to Bristol Museum. It's a great place that contains all the classic items of an old style museum, ranging from a Gypsy Caravan to fossils, and from mummies to pottery but the most interesting set of exhibits is the range of stuffed animals. Strange to see in this day and age it still holds a fascination - but apart from the Wolverine of course the item of greatest interest is a Thylacine. Thylacines were a marsupial wolf that became extinct in 1936 - two years before becoming a protected species. Wrongly blamed for sheep stealing this carnivore had a bounty on its head and was wiped out. There are of course those that hold out hope that some may remain in the wilderness of Tasmania - or even mainland Australia - it would certainly be a brilliant find but perhaps the best hope is with Jurassic Park style cloning. Maybe these stuffed animals might be useful for their DNA - let's hope they stay on display. Site on the Thylacine - includes footage of the last captive Tazzy tiger - one of the saddest films you'll ever see. Read about the plight of the Tasmanian Devil.

Stars that have died

I didn't know Arthur Lee was dead. Shows you how up to date I am. But I wasn't much of a fan despite trying. I bought a copy of Forever Changes and I just didn't get it. I like 'Seven and Seven is' and I would probably find some other tracks here and there but I never really understood all the fuss. I didn't know Syd Barrett was dead - someone said 'what's all this Syd Barrett' stuff all about? Oh he's dead - that explains it. But again I was never a Floyd fan so it didn't have any real relevance to me and people die all the time.

New York Dolls coming to the UK

In support of their recently released album.

Monsters from Mars

This is a surf band from San Diego that are worth checking out - watch the video too. Carrying on a fine tradition that I suppose includes Man or Astroman.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Letter from Australia

Strange mentioning the Seven Years War this morning and then I get a letter from the New England area of New South Wales. About the French and Indian war - information on equipment and clothing etc. Does he not have email thinks I? It's been a while since I had a letter. Then I read 'I must go, my two candles are running low' and things like 'the post rider only comes a few times a week to the foot of my mountain and I rarely get to town' so I think it's safe to assume this fellow does it for real. Respect.

The Seven Years War

According to the Wikipedia today is the day in 1756 that Frederick the Great started the Seven Years War by invading Saxony. I'm not sure about this actual date as being accurate but its a good enough excuse for me to entertain you with some photos from my Seven Years War days. The photo left is one of the events I organised at Bath, American museum and is mostly members of the 13th, 36th, and 42nd.
The one of me is when I portrayed an officer of the French colonial marines. The photos are from about 98-99.
The society I started in about 95 is still going - visit it here. They have a battle on the 16th-17th September at the Royal Gunpowder Mills Waltham Abbey, Essex

Monday, August 28, 2006

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 'She Said'

I was wondering what music to look for and this came on the record player - luckily its also got a wonderful set of images to go with it - could we call it Blues Gothic? - I like Gothic r'n'b - maybe its the same thing, or neither exists at all apart from in my head. Anyway no ferrets in this but the teeth are pretty similar.

Photo from Fulda

This is a big annual Seven Years War event in Germany - held every august. Here you can see musketeers and grenadiers of the army of Frederick the Great in action.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Napoleon escapes

A stunning debut by a natural star - Napoleon the ferret showing his unique comic timing. Co-starring Hikari his young lady friend - an albino. OK I know you're probably not interested in watching my ferret in the garden video but if you watch it I might stop going on about how cute/clever he is. Indulge me. Please.

Races of Castlebar

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Castlebar - the highpoint in the 1798 intervention by French forces in the rebellion of the United Irishmen.
So here's me in the uniform of the French forces of this era - I'm in the British one in the posting below. I really like the style of the French revolution though this impression of mine is not brilliant - I should have long hair and a moustache, but there you go. Sometimes we wore sabots or went barefoot in our desire to be authentic but this was pretty painful.
There was an excellent tv series 'The Year of the French' which was shown in the early days of Channel 4 - with music by the Chieftains was a real treat.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today's anniversary is the disastrous defeat of the Russian army by the Germans in 1914 - the above link shows footage of Russian prisoners.

garden video

You have to watch this little film of me in the garden with the pets. Shot by Red. It shows me being busy in the garden preparing it for the return of Bea.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Columbus ferret show

Anyone bored in Ohio this weekend should toddle on down to this ferret show to see and smell these adorable fellows in the flesh. We're (by we I mean Sue) is gradually perfecting the art of photographing these fast-moving animals. It helps having such a handsome ferret as a model. As you might have guessed I have really fallen for Napoleon in a big way - I would like to build him a castle in the garden with integral pipes for him to use - also soon I will be introducing him to my remote control tank. Trouble is he might then get spoilt and subesequently picked on by the other not so nice ferrets. Oh the worry.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Biker Mice from Mars

It's coming back - the new opening series and various episode trailers are linked. Wiki on Biker Mice


Well daughter Bea has been over in Connecticut for most of the summer and has finally realised her ambition to see a skunk. She got pretty close to it and spooked it but it didn't spray - 'I forgot about the spraying thing' she said - 'How can you forget that a skunk sprays?' thinks I. Anyway check out the entry above on the little creatures - not reckoned to be related to the mustelid family any more apparently. 'They have two glands, on either side of the anus, that produce a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals (methyl and butyl thiols) that has a highly offensive smell' .... welcome to my world.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

1798 - the Year of the French

Today is the anniversary of the landing at Killala in 1798 of a French expeditionary force under General Humbert to assist the revolt of the United Irishmen against the British Crown.
So that's another excuse for me to have a pic of me up - doing 1798 in 98 - I did quite a few things - presumably noone else wanted to - including a tv programme 'Ulster's '98'. We also 'occupied' Lisburne which was hairy - it was supposed to finish with the hanging of Henry Munro but a descendant objected and the whole thing was finished off with a sing-song.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sonny Boy Williamson 'Your Funeral and My Trial'

Here's a treat - one of the true poets of the blues and harp virtuoso Sonny Boy. If you don't believe he was a real poet in the truest sense of the word check out the first few verses of the song on the clip

Please come home to your daddy, and explain yourself to me

Because I and you are man and wife, tryin' to start a family

I'm beggin' you baby, cut out that off the wall jive

If you can't treat me no better, it gotta be your funeral and my trial

When I and you first got together, 't was on one Friday night

We spent two lovely hours together, and the world it was allright

I'm just beggin' you baby, please cut out that off the wall jive

You know you gotta treat me better, if you don't it gotta be your funeral and my trial


This month's Fortean Times is another good 'un - it's mainly about the dark side of nature with a feature on the fox and its attributes but what really made me excitedly turn the page was an article called 'When Stoat Packs Attack'. Apparently in certain times of plenty they swarm in armies of around 50 creatures attacking humans and being known to bring down deer and horses. We have seen stoat kits gambolling in a field nearby, but so far haven't had trouble from them - maybe they don't want to upset the badgers. More information on stoats here - how can you tell the difference between a stoat and a weasel? A weasel's weaselly distinguishable and a stoats stotally different. Sorry.

Wolf-dog hybrids

This has been a controversial issue in the US from what I have seen - more so now as the Maine mutant is now reckoned to be a Wolf-dog - sounds like a bit of a worrying development but in a country where owning automatic weapons is seen as a right it can only be taken in context.
More on the Wolf hybrid Wiki on Wolfdog

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The real Ghost Whisperer

We were talking, Red and I about the Ghost Whisperer and how it is based on a real person - Mary Ann Winkowski - and he said 'I bet she doesn't look like Jennifer Love Hewitt - I expect she's a munter' and I, for some reason said 'yes I expect she looks like a toad with a wig on'. Of course not knowing we wondered if we were right and dashed to the pc. Well judge for yourself - here's a link to her webpage - you decide.

Fallen Timbers

Fought on this day in 1794 between the native confederacy under Blue Jacket and Little Turtle and the Legion of the United States led by General 'Mad' Anthony Wayne. A victory for the highly trained American forces. They had been trained at probably America's first 'boot camp' at Legionville as previous forces sent against the Indians had ended in disaster - Wayne was a fan of the Romans and instilled an iron discipline.
Fort Recovery - built by Wayne
Legionville - dedicated to the forces led by Wayne
Official Battlefield site
Painting of the battle

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Great Northern War photos

Every year the fortress at Narva in Estonia is the host to a reenactment of the Great Northern War - fought at the same time as Blenheim and Ramillies (roughly three hundred years ago) but between Russia and Sweden. This event has been getting better and better every year with more participants and a bigger spectacle each time. A friend from Wells Dave Allen went to one of the early events and reckoned it to be very friendly with bucketloads of enthusiasm. So check out the photos to see what reenactment is like in the Baltic region - it's very very good. Photos here Article and photos here More photos here

Otis Rush All Your Love (I Miss Loving)

One of the greats of urban blues Rush has a unique style of playing being left-handed. Wiki on Otis Rush

Tough lessons for Israeli armour

Article from the BBC about the devestating effect of state-of-the-art Russian projectiles against Israeli tanks.

Hybrid mutant latest

Is it a dog or something else? Looks a bit like one of the creatures from 'Where the Wild things are'. I am begining to hatch a plot where I cross a dog with a ferret to create the ultimate biting machine - probably look a little like a wolverine. It's nice to know though that in this crazy world of war and international terrorism a shaggy dog story can cause so much interest. Maybe we could settle disputes by trying to breed as fierce a mutant animal as possible and set it against the other country's mutant monster. I'd even watch the news if there was something like that on it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Samurai figures

If you enjoyed Kagemusha and wanted gaming figures for this colourful period in Japanese military history then look no further than the Perry twins Age of Wars range. It is pretty extensive and it looks historically accurate.

Yardbirds 'For Your Love'

This clip has Keith Relf and co in fancy dress delivering this slice of 60s pop - well worth watching as an example of some whacky attempt to hit it big with the American market and to give some visual explanation for the harpischord. It works of course.

Mp to seek pardon for WW2 mutineers

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rare hybrid mutant found in Maine

More here including photos - looks like a dog

2002 Samurai reenactment clip

This is interesting - I can imagine this getting pretty popular. I can think of people in the UK who would travel to Japan for this. For more information and even buy the kit go here

Wolverine at Ranua wildlife park Finland clip

John Irving defends Guenter Grass

Apparently 'Tin Drum' author GG on the eve of his autobiography being published has admitted he was in the Waffen SS.


As it seems that all my hinting to my daughter in the U.S. has come to nothing - she isn't going to bring me back a Wolverine when she comes home - I'll have to make do with our population of badgers, which due to our living away from any main roads is quite considerable. I did a search on aggression in badgers but didn't find much - in our experience - and this may be a localised phenomena - badgers are pretty scary. I think all of our family have at one time been chased or menaced by badgers during the night - we've heard of a man on a moped being chased by one and it's not uncommon for someone to get spooked down a path during darkness by a badger shadowing them aggressively. I like badgers as much as the next person but I always give them a wide berth when I am out at night - in fact if I'm walking down a path when it's pitch black I whistle to ensure I don't collide with one. Once or twice when I've had my dog with me and I've had a frightening experience getting rope burn from the dog lead as they both turn into a spitting snarling ball of teeth and claws.
Five injured in badger rampage
Badgers on the web

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World War One soldier pardoned

Animals and men downloads

Junior Napoleon obsessive

Here I am in about 71 as a young Bonaparte obsessive. I was nicknamed Napoleon briefly but luckily it didn't stick. I think I am part of a demographic that had Airfix Waterloo figures and saw the Bondarchuk movie. My parents indulged me by letting me visit les Invalides to see his tomb and taking me to Waterloo.
What was it that made Napoleon so fascinating to me I don't know - the humble origins, the intellect, the aggression, the opportunism, the fact that he shook the foundations of old Europe - his ego? Maybe Napoleon is the male role model par excellence.

Clip of someone playing with a wolverine

Napoleon's birthday

The man who is now most often associated with shortness rather than his military skills celebrates his birthday today. The above link will take you to an article on Napoleon in Popular Culture and explaining why crazy people often think they're the man himself.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wicker Man remake trailer

You KNOW this is going to be a hellish experience - remaking classic movies and ruining them has become an acceptable thing for Hollywood to do now - we must say 'no' - enough is enough! Stop remaking movies now! Copying isn't big or clever.

Why the British Don't Remember Their Civil War and Americans Do Remember Theirs

Interesting article on the different approaches to historical battlefields in Britain and the United States.


Film Four are showing this epic Kurosawa film this week around and about - thursdays the next time I think - well worth watching if you are interested in samurais and Japanese history. It is of course a classic movie to boot. Check out these stills on the wiki entry if you don't believe me.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

News article on Argentinian reenactment

Oswego reenactment news story and video

French and Indian war reenactment footage from the recent 250th anniversary of the French victory at Oswego.

Fergie 'London Bridge'

If you thought 'My Humps' by the Black-Eyed Peas was the most revolting hip hop record ever it has a new challenger - Fergie herself doing an anglocentric rap called 'London Bridge'. 'My Humps' was really really bad - a 31-year old singing like a 12-year old - Ms Ferg rapping coyly about her 'lovely lady lumps' and the bling that they would acquire - this one is not quite that bad but it is pretty awful. 'Fergie Ferg gonna love you long time' I sincerely hope not. The video is tacky to the extreme and the whole premise is built on the misconception that Tower Bridge with its drawbridge system is actually London Bridge. Idiot.
Lyrics here.

Battle of Blenheim 1704

As today is the anniversary of this English victory over the French I have an excuse to put up another picture of me this time at Blenheim Palace in 2004 with one of the captured French colours.
The coat I'm wearing has an interesting background - it was made in '89 by Simon Frame for the tercentenary of Killikrankie but since then was used in practically every possible way - the Monmouth Rebellion on both sides, the Boyne in Ireland, an American Indian trade coat, a Governor at the Salem Witch trials, an Irish officer in the War of Spanish Succession - even travelling to Estonia to take part in the relief of Narva. Simon got the coat back a year or two ago and since then the coat has been enjoying a happy retirement, a little damaged from its travails.
Narva is on this weekend so let's hope it goes as well as previous years - article here

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The return of Futurama

Were you upset when they cancelled Futurama? We were vert upset... so we're very happy now that they commissioned some new episodes coming out in about 2008. We won't be so sad when watching our boxed sets anymore - we can use them as a tool to get all excited about the brilliant characters, jokes and storylines.

Argentinian reenactors

This year quite a few Napoleonic reenactors are off to Argentina to reenact the British invasion of 1806 - check out this lot - one of the participating groups - the Voluntary Grenadiers of Buenos Ayres (also called Grenadiers of Fernando VII).
wiki on military history of Argentina
BBC article on the forgotten invasion of Argentina

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Michigan Wolverine

Michigan is known as the Wolverine state apparently so it is a matter of intense local pride that one of these enigmatic and legendary creatures has returned after an absence of 200 years or more. Check out the site to learn more about this fascinating animal.

Age of Sail live firing video

This is an amazing site. Basically a mock-up of part of a War of 1812 warship is used to demonstrate the destructive power of the cannons of the time. This is the real deal not Hollywood fakery so you can see what it really would have been like at the time of Hornblower and his ilk. The recoil of the guns, the flying splinters - it's all there - spectacular and educational.

The wounds of World War Two - Germans as Victims?

'Some call it historical revisionism. Others say it's an important part of World War II. An exhibition in Berlin looks at the fate of Germans expelled from Eastern Europe after the war -- something that makes many of Germany's neighbors nervous.'

Thursday, August 10, 2006


'Wolverines are fast enough to run down a reindeer, strong enough to swim across a river, and agile enough to scale a tree'. National geographical article on the Finnish Wolverine
My son was looking up stuff on the Ekorus - a giant prehistoric mustelid - and it looked a bit like a Wolverine in the picture. The ekorus used to bring down horses and had leopard-like legs so I don't think it is that much like a Wolverine but the Wolverine is an amazing creature. A relative of the weasel that can kill something as large as a moose. Distribution: Canada, Estonia, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Sweden, USA Read more here
Wiki on the Wolverine
The Wolverine Foundation site - well worth visiting if you care enough about one the planet's most fascinating creatures.

Napoleon the Polecat

Is this the handsomest ferret you have ever seen? Looks like a polecat - Mustela putorius - the word polecat apparently derives from the French word for chicken meaning chicken cat. They live on frogs, voles, eels, rats and various fowl being strong swimmers. I suppose their niche has been taken by the imported Mink.
More stuff on polecats here including some photos and the fact that Polecats kill by 'pithing' or biting through the brain stem which leaves the prey alive but immobile - I heard once of someone who found a stash of frogs in a wall - all alive but paralysed.

Polecat survey showing distribution map
Wiki on European polecats
Rockabilly Guys
Of course there was an 80s rockabilly band called the Polecats who featured Boz Boorer who is best known for his work with Morrissey. Watch their ultra-catchy orginal Make A Circuit With Me video here
Phew! Ferrets to Morrissey in one posting.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

If you like hot air balloons and you live in the West of England then you must go to Ashton Court for the annual balloon event - nightglow and fireworks tonight.

Snakes on a Plane

No hand luggage or mobile phones on flights... is this a massive publicity stunt for the forthcoming movie Snakes on a Plane? Imdb with link to trailer
Wiki on Snakes on a Plane

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An American castle

I thought when we took the photos of Nunney Castle that the American visitors to this site would enjoy it as yanks usually go all weak at the knees when they see British castles but it seems there is a few over there. The above link takes you to the story of castle Vianden in Illinois and if you're interested more US castles to read about.

Nunney Castle - photos by Susan

For our first trip we thought we got to Nunney castle - one of my favourite castles in this area. It's free to get in and with the village that surrounds this moated ruin it is a very picturesque part of North Somerset.

Inspired by the French chateaux he'd seen in the Hundred Years War John de la Mare started Nunney castle near Frome in the 1370s. Never a serious military fortress being overlooked by rolling hills it was no doubt an impressive enough status symbol for the time. It passed into the Prater family in the 1560s. The castle was besieged in 1645 when the New Model Army's siege train was despatched from the main force to finish this outpost of Royalist resistance. It fell without much effort, this was not a building made to resist artillery. The garrison was tiny and it is said that they made pigs scream to make it seem they had plenty of pork to slaughter. It's said that it fell to Cromwell or Fairfax but this segment from Anglia Rediviva shows that only a small detachment was needed to reduce it.

The General resting all the next day a t Sherborne, to settle the business of the county. And on Monday (after Sir Lewis Dives and the prisoners , together with the club-leaders before mentioned, who were had in hold, were sent away with a guard to London) the army marched to Castle-Carew (save that Colonel Rainsborough with his own and Colonel Hammond’s regiments, and two pieces of ordnance, was sent to Nunney-castle, for the reducing thereof), th e rest of the army marched that night to Castle-Carew: the next day the General himself went to view Nunney castle, and found it to be a very strong piece. The next day the army marched to Chue, nine miles, and ill way;
Thursday 21st, in the morning, to encourage us in our engagements, we received intelligence of the surrender of Nunney-castle to Colonel Rainsborough, upon condition to have liberty to go to their own houses.

Have car will travel

Our next-door neighbours have kindly leant us their car while they go on holiday - how nice is that? Anyway it means that we can zoom about the countryside like everyone else, although I doubt we'll go far as we have a load of ferrets to feed and keep clean but it will be pleasant to get out and about without relying on the terrible bus service that we have. I hope I can still remember how to drive as it's been about 6 years since we last had a car. Some journeys like the one to Frome and Bath I could probably do with my eyes closed, though I shan't be trying it to see whether that's true. I wonder if there's any good gigs on? The serious business of choosing what cds to play is the next item on the agenda - fast and frantic like the Polysics or calm and soothing? I don't really have any calm and soothing music apart from some Yo La Tengo and the Wicker Man soundtrack. I bought a Carpenters tape once to try and create a pleasant ambience in the car but everyone hated it, especially when I sang along in a flat voice 'Calling occupants of interplanetary craft!' try it - it's fun!
My favourite feelgood goosefraba song, and universally popular family-wise is Sugartown by Nancy Sinatra. Watch the lovely cheesey video here. How could you get road rage with that on the stereo?

article on Mel Gibson's kids

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Animals and Men live

You might need to be a friend or family member to enjoy this clip of us playing the Griffin Inn Frome - it was recorded on a phone so don't expect good sound quality.


Middle daughter, just back from the Big Green Gathering. Armband and sunburn intact. Not that much of a hippy really - especially if you read the small print on the t-shirt. She had great fun and reckoned it was a lot better organised this time. Her favourite bit was the fairy tunnel which was the best place to cool off. Her favourite musical moment was a band the Cardboard Superstars who played a set of punk covers adapted to have a toilet theme from a portaloo. She was a bit disappointed with the state a lot of the campers left their spots but her living history experience since the age of 2 makes her a conscientious person when it comes to camp discipline.
Green dreams are mainstream but noone told the hippies

Bath Spa Project

Well finally our local white elephant the Bath Spa Project is open. I really resent this, like most local people. I remember swimming in the warm spring waters of Bath and it was an orange colour - the water in this thing presumably comes out of the tap rather than the springs.
If I wasn't so well brought up I'd go along purely to defecate in one of the hot tubs.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Fall Mountain Energei

Still I love the Fall - it's not the same loving the Fall now that John Peel has passed on though - he sort of gave the whole business of being a Fall fan some dignity and some credibility. They'll always be great but it's not the same now their biggest cheerleader isn't there to get us going.

Canadian Great War movie

Interesting article about the forthcoming Canadian movie about the Great War.

Mel to do Lethal Weapon again

Troubled star Mel Gibson is considering revisiting the Lethal Weapon series to win back his fan base. It's funny that he is in trouble for his alleged anti-semitic comments. To think he was making a mini-series on the Holocaust, now axed. What cynicism. I don't like his historical movies - they have played the anti-English card a few too many times for my liking.
Wiki on Mel Gibson

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oswego reenactment

Angelmakers - a strange tale of mass murder

This is an interesting tale being brought to life on film. It is based on the true story of a village in Hungary where after the First World War 300 husbands were murdered by their wives when they returned from the trenches. To find out more you'll have to read the above article! Based on the documentary on this fascinating subject. Official site

Drop Dead Summer Issue out

This great magazine is hitting the newstand - looks like we got an album review.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Film 4 Studio Ghibli Season

At last something good to watch on free to view television - so far Film 4's selection could be best described as obvious or already seen too many times but this is a great season. Worth watching if you're not acquainted with this masterful Japanese animation.

Frosties 'It's Gonna taste great' myth

This is an interesting myth about the super-annoying Frosties advert, most of which involve the kid being dead. The ad was described by David Whitehouse of the Guardian as "a jingle being sung by a boy at the exact moment his voice breaks, in a tone so monotonous it appears to be operating at a frequency which toys with people's bowels." watch the advert here

WW2 reenactment video

A video of the War and Peace show a few weeks ago at Beltring showing the 2nd Battle Group and some Americans battling it out. So if you missed it then you can console yourself.

Bushy Run 1763

This is a battle fought on this day in 1763 between British Crown forces, mostly highlanders and natives of Pontiac's uprising Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, and Huron. Photographs of the reenactment
Battlefield site
One Mile to Bushy Run Station print More Bushy Run reenactment photos

Clerks 2 getting rave reviews

It's a great thing that this sequel is getting the thumbs up from all and sundry. It could so easily have been a disappointment like many Kevin Smith films have been but this one is definitely hitting the mark. So what are you waiting for!
Clerks 2 It Kicks Ass!
Clerks 2 - A sequel worth waiting 12 years for
Clerks 2 - a perfect sequel

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kittanning 1756

This battle from the French and Indian war is being reenacted this September in Pennsylvania- it being the 250th anniversary.
Activities surrounding this event include: the Trek from Fort Shirley to Kittanning, the "William Thompson: The Forgotten Patriot" exhibit, an art exhibit, an original play, "The Battle of Kittanning," a Native American village, a military encampment, a remembrance service at Blanket Hill, a march through Kittanning, two reenactments of the Battle of Kittanning, and Antiquing Along the Allegheny.
The Trek will leave Fort Shirley in Huntingdon County on Aug. 28, 2006, and will follow Col.l Armstrong's route to Kittanning, traveling through Huntingdon, Blair, Cambria, Indiana, and Armstrong counties. Those participating in the Trek will be wearing authentic clothing, and will be setting up camp each night along the way. For more information about the Trek, or for more information on participating in some, or all of the Trek, visit
Official site and guidelines
Artwork from Larry Smail

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kasabian Empire video

Kasabian's new video is a mini epic set in what looks like a Crimean War battle - not really sure - the production values are high for a pop video and worth watching even if you're not a fan.

Ghost Whisperer

Occasionally I succumb to some trashy tv - most of it American and usually stuff that's aimed at women and also pretty stupid and things don't get more trashier and more stupid than the Ghost Whisperer but I can't help watching it. What's the matter with me? Anyway the plot is this perfect newlywed played by Jennifer Love Hewitt who communicates with dead people as in the 'I see dead people' type of way. Usually they want our heroine to interject with the living. There is always this scene where they, the relatives, say something like 'get out of my house, how dare you come round here talking about our little Billy you creep' and then have to have their mind changed by some spooky occurrence. It is so cheesey, so unoriginal, and so corny I suppose it is kind of compulsive viewing.

Nag Nag Nag Cabaret Voltaire video

This is worth watching - it's the only CV track I like but it's a good 'un.

Festival of History

12th-13th August - Kelmarsh Hall Northants. Event has many attractions - topping the bill this year is a World War One dogfight and a medieval village. Other activities include battles from the English Civil War and the Dark Ages

Big Green Gathering

Daughter is off to this festival that takes place a few miles up the road near Cheddar. I think this makes her officially the family's most hippy-like member - where did we go wrong? My view on the Green theme is that is makes it more of a festival of hypocrisy, but maybe we shouldn't deny people the opportunity to delude themselves for a few days if that's their bag.
Photos here

Drugs the real deal

Independent newspaper article on drugs. 'This is the first ranking based upon scientific evidence of harm to both individuals and society. It was devised by government advisers - then ignored by ministers because of its controversial findings'.
Seems to me quite shocking - but I suppose it doesn't take into account quality of life for example, or the effect on mental health, just deaths.