Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Cheaterslicks

Saw a great rockabilly band last night - the Cheaterslicks - a trio (upright bass, guitar and drums) and what a night it was. Turning up in their band transport - a beautiful '51 Mercury with white wall tyres it set the tone for the evening - hot rod inspired authentic scorching white hot rock and roll. With their own compositions and classics from a diverse range of sources from Link Wray to Johnny Cash they stormed the place and took no prisoners, it was quite simply amazing. The West Country seems to be the home of some great rock and roll and rockabilly... a lot of them on Western Star great to see a line up of them all - a festival or something.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big New Prinz The Fall

From 88 - introduced by the late Tony Wilson. Great clip. I used to think the chorus was 'he is nuts...appreciate it' as opposed to 'he is not... appreciated' and I thought the verse was 'drink the launderette' instead of 'drink the long draught'.

Ray Harryhausen creature list

Bos lent me this great book The Art of Ray Harryhausen the other day - it is an amazing book of concept art, 3d models and, most tantalisingly. artwork for films never made. This short video purports to show all the creatures by this master of stop motion animation in chronological order. I think they may have missed a few out but it's a cracking 4 and a half minutes. Recommended.

'Do the Clam' Akire Fuse and the Blue Comets

I'm a little obsessed by this tune. It's amazing how many of Elvis' songs are about shellfish or crustaceans - the Shrimp Song, Crawfish, actually I can only think of two now I'm thinking about it. This is a great version of this classic beach party song with some shamelessly awful dancing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Animals and Men 'Primitive'

Here's us practising for our forthcoming gigs in London 5th September(Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar - tickets from here) and Brighton - Westhill Hall on the 6th. As you can see Geoff is back from Dubai and firmly back in the drum seat. This song was originally done by the Groupies. We don't usually do covers but this song has a special appeal for us. See ya soon?

Monday, August 25, 2008

'Having a Wild Weekend' trailer

This Dave Clark Five vehicle was one of the best of the 60s pop films - probably as it had a certain John Boorman as director. Recommended.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Billy's Blues

Hear Jody Williams (see below) on this - 2nd guitar Bo Diddley - a song that was ripped off by Mickey & Sylvia and became Love is Strange. Listen and see if you notice the plagiarism... of course pop music is all about ripping people off - why should we get upset about it?

Jody Williams 'Return of a legend'

If you have a reasonable knowledge of Chicago Blues you will have heard Jody Williams as he was session guitarist on all sorts of hits from Howling Wolf, Bo Diddley, Billy Boy Arnold as well as recording some scorching solo tunes - mostly stinging instrumentals. Anyway he's back - he gave up music many decades ago fed up with people stealing his licks and became a xerox repairman, but recently - has returned with two brilliant albums that have ensured his anonymity was a thing of the past. Here he is earlier this year playing his signature tune 'Lucky Lou'.

Caveman (1981) trailer

This comedy with Ringo Starr and host of other actors passed me by in 81 - never heard of it till now. Looks like a classic flop.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crazy Gang 'Alf Button's Afloat' (1938) extract

Maybe it's time for a little classic British comedy.

The Move 'I can hear the grass grow'

This isn't a call to get out and mow the lawn by the way. It is a slice of British psychedelia which on the whole I don't like as a rule but this track is good enough to be considered alongside the US nuggets bands in my opinion. I think the Fall's version alerted me to what a good song it was - which is what a good cover should do. Apparently references Chesney Allen in the middle 8. According to the wiki on the Move, because the publicity material for 'Flowers in the Rain' had a cartoon of Harold Wilson (PM at the time) and Marcia Williams in bed together, after a court case which the band lost all royalties for the song were awarded to a charity of Wilson's choice - still in force after his death in the 90s. That's a bit harsh isn't it?

Sara and Hoppity (1960)

Susan was saying yesterday that much of her early childhood was spent swinging on a gate which reminded me of this programme - one of my earliest tv memories. It's actually really frightening - disturbing even - with some classic bad parenting - 'if she was my child I'd give her a good hard smack' and 'have some jelly and cream but don't tell mummy' and so on. LIke as not you won't remember this slice of ghoulish puppetry - hope it doesn't give you bad dreams...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somerset cider

Many of you have drank our cider at gigs and parties - this is where we get it from - our local cider farm 'Creedies' - we made this film just for you. We're also buying a lump of cheddar cheese - really tasty it is too. Music is 'Cider' by Social Security, a Bristol punk band. And Yes, we will be bringing a few gallons to our gigs in Stoke Newington and Brighton (5th and 6th September - see below). If you want to buy cider online - go to Thatchers website.

Animals and Men live in Brighton

Yes indeed... with the Sticks and Go Faster DJs... See ya there music lovers? We're playing the preceding night at Stoke Newington, if you live in London...why not go to both?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Saints live in 1977

This is a little gem - the Saints playing This Perfect Day, Run Down and Erotic Neurotic. Anyone from Frome from the old punk rock days has a soft spot for this band for they provided many magic moments of crazy dancing...never got to see them live but this almost makes up for it.

The Dils 'I Hate the Rich'

Classic US punk rock from back in the old days. I really liked this single and bought it - didn't know anything about them or the other single I had 'Class War' but they seemed really on the button. If you like great frantic punk give this a spin.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rattles 'The Witch' video

This bit of German pop is pleasant on the ear and eye... quite atmospheric in a sort of budget horror movie type of an outtake of Psychomania.

Austro-Prussian war reenactment slideshow

As you know I am very impressed by the Austro-Prussian war reenactment scene in Europe - it seems so well done - it's like a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the rubbish reenactments going on - have a look at these images and judge for yourself...these pics are 2005-7 so it's probably even better now...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lulu 'Love loves to love'

I'm a tiger here

Joël Denis - Vas-y dis-lui

This song from 1965 is a French Canadian version of Mickey Lee Lane's Shaggy Dog - and if that don't make you want to listen to it then I can't help you. Filmed on the streets of Quebec. Another one here.

The Fabulous Wailers 'Hang Up'

Fantastic garage rock and roll or whatever you might call it from one of the originators set to scenes from the 69 film 'Astro-Zombies' - great song great visuals.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Revolution (1985) battle scene

Huzzah!! Someone has posted the battle scene from the Goldcrest movie Revolution...a film that was a terrible flop for all involved but for me revived my interest in history. It was filmed in the UK - this scene is on Exmoor so it doesn't really look like any other American Revolution movie but I still love it - please watch this and make up your own mind - you might like Donald Sutherland's Yorkshire accent - you might like the props... the uniforms are all pretty top notch... make my day and watch it... I personally think this sequence is one of the best 'redcoats in battle' bits going - the atmosphere, the shadows, the wintry landscape... all very beautiful in my view.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stupid questions at English Heritage sites

EH have published a list of dumb questions asked at their sites. Not sure if that's a wise idea - sneering at the paying punters....but they are funny.

Bob Dylan 'Don't Start Me Talkin''

I love this version of the Sonny Boy classic - shows Bob Dylan can 'do' the blues I reckon...

Lew Lewis Reformer live in 1980

This is a bit of a gem - canvey harmonica genius Lew Lewis live on stage in 1980... if you like this sort of thing and want to see Lew Lewis play with the Hot Rods in 2008 go here...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Inglorious Bastards

This Italian war film from 1977 is to be remade with a stellar cast by Tarantino so I thought it might be time to look at the trailer. I wonder what the soundtrack will be like? Tarantino said
But the thing is, I won't be period specific about the movie. I'm not just gonna play a lot of Edith Piaf and Andrews Sisters. I can have rap, and I can do whatever I want. It's about filling in the viscera

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Animals and Men gig in London

Ryan's bar - Stoke Newington 5th September with Electricity in Our Homes and the Pheromoans. Tickets from Rough Trade East in person and We Got Tickets. It's a fairly intimate venue so grab a ticket while you can.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg '69 Annee Erotique'

As it's summery I thought maybe post some French pop. Beautiful bass riff going on through this song. Chorus is a bit crazy but it only adds to the unusual quality that this song has.

Francoise Hardy 'Comment te dire adieu'

Really good classy pop song - what else can you say?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Butler and Tanner are back

In case you are wondering what happened to Frome printers Butler and Tanner - they're back - well some of them - BBC news story here. Here's the new management team - I'm posting this as 2nd from the right is Charlie Fenby... haven't seen him since about 1982...

Fatima Mansions 'Only Losers Take The Bus'

This is another Snub tv moment - I don't know much about this band but this single is a brilliant piece of pop/rock and roll. Lyrics here

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

13th Floor Elevators 'I've got Levitation'

One of their best rocking tracks this song is a masterpiece. Glorious and genius rock and roll from 60s Texas of all places.

13th Floor Elevators-ive Got Levitation via

Monday, August 04, 2008

Race with the Devil (1975) trailer

Dave's bought himself a camper so that is a good excuse to post this in my 70s movie season. A story of a vacation that goes wrong when it stumbles on a sacrifice. It's a fantastic thrill ride of a film - sadly being remade so I hear... Watch the trailer if you've never seen it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm 'She made my blood run cold'

This is a really great song that defies categorisation but should be on the list of everyone who likes good rock and roll. Give it a spin and see if you like it - can't see why you shouldn't but there's no accounting for taste...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Kid Congo Powers 'Historia de un amour'

One of my favourite songs of the late 80s - I used to have this on a Snub TV VHs and regularly rewound it to hear this classic sleazy rock and roll song with boss twanging from Barry Adamson ... one of the 80s bass gods.