Friday, June 29, 2007

Frome Festival

Nearly the time for the Frome Festival. It's full of artistic and musical delights so check out the above link if you are in the South of England or looking for something different. Frome's historic buildings are well worth a look - the Rook Lane chapel is having its 300th anniversary and is now an art gallery or so I have been told. The musical calendar features the Bad Detectives (14th Griffin Inn (a micro brewery)) and the UK Stiffs (13th) as well as the Stranglers. I saw a great music video the Bad Detectives made of their track B-movie Scientist - I think they should show it at their gig...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Planxty 'The Little Drummer'

As it's the anniversary today of the defeat in 1798 at Vinegar Hill it's a good excuse to put up some Irish music. I am not a folk fan much but I love Planxty - there's something in their approach that makes me love 'em. Give it a go - you might just like it. I've turned a good few people into PLanxty fans over the years...maybe you're next...? If you like it then you also must watch them playing 'A Blacksmith courted me' - wait for the uileean pipe solo at the end - brilliant... more on the song and lyrics here

Friday, June 15, 2007

Polysics at the Croft 'Best gig ever'

Last night was an outing to the Croft in Bristol to see my eldest daughter's favourite band the Polysics. They hail from Tokyo Japan and last time in Bristol she was away so she was very keen to enjoy it this time. She got herself up a replica red jumpsuit as worn by the band and fought her way to the front. Her devotion to the band was rewarded when the singer/guitarist during a particularly manic solo handed her the pick and let her do some twanging. Talk about thrilled. 'Best gig ever' she declared - it was certainly brilliant and energetic. I got drenched in sweat and loved it like the old days of punk. Why aren't they bigger in this country? Anyway if you get the chance I recommend you check them out, but beware - it's a lively and manic set! Photo by Susan

Friday, June 08, 2007

Brigitte Bardot 'Contact'

Serge Gainsbourg wrote some great bass riffs - I'd love to cover this song - no idea what it's about but it's like an outtake from Barbarella or Fahrenheit 451 - the clothes look like they are designed by Paco Raban.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Metal Urbain

MU made some great innovative records in the late 70s but were largely ignored by the English music press as they were French. They were ahead of their time methinks - check this clip out. I never found out anything about what they were singing about but it sounded good anyway - I hear the odd word like anarchy and subversion popping up so that'll do me - I wish I could see them live - their Mypace linked above has some of their new recordings which I think are produced by Jello Biafra and their tour dates - unfortunately Dublin is as near as they get to the UK - do they have something against us? Official 76-78 site.

Zvezda Janissaries reviewed

Ferrets and trouser legs

Susan has insisted I post this apology to her on the subject of ferrets and trouser legs. I have long mocked her for her taping her flares in order to prevent incursions by ferrets - telling her that it was a myth that these lovable creatures dart up these confined spaces. Well it happened. They were straight drainpipe trousers too - one of the nursing female mothers, Barbarella. probably the last ferret you would want in yer kecks, especially while hormonal, dashed up there and sank her teeth into the flesh on the way up. She only got as far as the knee and then arched her back to take up the slack, making it difficult to remove her. So it isn't a myth and I'm sorry I mocked Susan's precautions. I am also sorry I didn't have a camcorder on me at the time too.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Throw it on me

If you've been wondering what became of Swedish rock and rollers the Hives they are about to be blasted around the world with this collaboration with Timbaland.