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Italian cavalry ww2 1/72

Waterloo 1815 do quite a lot of Italian subjects. These could double as Greeks.

Charge of the Italian Savoia Cavalleria at Izbushensky

There's a distinct lack of 10mm cavalry for WW2. Here's an action with Italian cavalry - Pendrad Pithead take note
"On 23 August 1942, the Savoia Cavalry Regiment, under Colonel Alessandro Bettoni was ordered to take Hill 213.5 in order to secure the right flank of the Sforzesca Division that had been forced to withdraw to new positions. The Italian cavalry reinforcements advanced on the night of 23/24 August, but the Savoia were soon under fire from two battalions from the Russian 812th Regiment that had just taken up positions overnight in preparations for further attacks. The Italian Commanding Officer, Colonel Bettoni Cazzago decided to counter-attack immediately the Russians in order to regain the initiative. With Captain Francesco De Leone leading the the 2nd Squadron forward shouting "Avanti Savoia!"., the Italian cavalrymen overran the 812th Regiment in a series of attacks lasting several hours." ( Battle of Isbuscenskij)

World War 2 Greece

Fine webpage with lots of info
"Greek Uniforms - A group of Greek Re-enactors showing a variety of uniform details." Photo kindly supplied by permission from the Greek ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤ ΙΚΗΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ Magazine, 1998.

Pithead Miniatures

If I was wargaming the Greek-Italian war I think I'd use these.  10mm - do Greeks and Italians. Don't do Greek cavalry though.
Italian L3 35 tankette

Greek infantry in greatcoats

New Osprey of interest to me - Armies of the Greek-Italian War 1940–41

Men-at-Arms 514
  • Author: Phoebus Athanassiou
  • Illustrator: Peter Dennis
In October 1940 an Italian army some 200,000 strong invaded Greece across its largely undefended border with Albania. Although supported by Great Britain, at first by sea and in the air and later by landing British and ANZAC troops from North Africa, Greece bore the main brunt of the six-month war. Outclassed in materiel and outnumbered, LtGen Papagos's Greek army was so successful against the Italians in north-west Greece that, by 22 November 1940, it was advancing into Italian-held Albania. This would eventually force Hitler to send in German reinforcements to support his beleaguered Italian allies, delaying his invasion of the Soviet Union. Complete with contemporary photographs and full-colour uniform plates, this fascinating study explores the history, organization, and appearance of the armies of this oft forgotten conflict.
Below is an Italian propaganda film

Fats Domino

A legend has passed away. Loved him when I was a teenager. Will never see his like again

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WIPZ - work in progress zine.

This is an exciting new print fanzine from local resident Joseph Simons. It's brimming with ideas that are from all over the zine spectrum, photography, art. satire and literature. There is a lot of exciting and talented pages to ponder and to enjoy. If you want to subscribe or contribute then

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Red Hot & the Sans-Culottes - Frome 1984 recordings

Demo Susan and I (Animals & men/terraplanes) recorded with the Rockabilly trio Last Rats in Paris with Gavin Lusby on lead guitar and Tom Berryman on drums. Stand-up bass. I played harp and Susan sang. Download for free here