Monday, October 30, 2017

Charge of the Italian Savoia Cavalleria at Izbushensky

There's a distinct lack of 10mm cavalry for WW2. Here's an action with Italian cavalry - Pendrad Pithead take note
"On 23 August 1942, the Savoia Cavalry Regiment, under Colonel Alessandro Bettoni was ordered to take Hill 213.5 in order to secure the right flank of the Sforzesca Division that had been forced to withdraw to new positions. The Italian cavalry reinforcements advanced on the night of 23/24 August, but the Savoia were soon under fire from two battalions from the Russian 812th Regiment that had just taken up positions overnight in preparations for further attacks. The Italian Commanding Officer, Colonel Bettoni Cazzago decided to counter-attack immediately the Russians in order to regain the initiative. With Captain Francesco De Leone leading the the 2nd Squadron forward shouting "Avanti Savoia!"., the Italian cavalrymen overran the 812th Regiment in a series of attacks lasting several hours." ( Battle of Isbuscenskij)