Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Move 'I can hear the grass grow'

This isn't a call to get out and mow the lawn by the way. It is a slice of British psychedelia which on the whole I don't like as a rule but this track is good enough to be considered alongside the US nuggets bands in my opinion. I think the Fall's version alerted me to what a good song it was - which is what a good cover should do. Apparently references Chesney Allen in the middle 8. According to the wiki on the Move, because the publicity material for 'Flowers in the Rain' had a cartoon of Harold Wilson (PM at the time) and Marcia Williams in bed together, after a court case which the band lost all royalties for the song were awarded to a charity of Wilson's choice - still in force after his death in the 90s. That's a bit harsh isn't it?