Monday, April 03, 2006

Monochrome set Wallflower

The Monochrome set were one of the cleverest and most witty of all the post punk bands but it didn't win them many admirers in the press who seemed to take exception to the fact that they weren't cockneys or something. But thankfully we still have their records to listen to and they seem to have slowly acquired a cult following - certainly my son loves them to bits. Official site here
I always thought of the singer Bid as a bit of a 21st century Noel Cowerd - certainly his lyrics hinted at a very debauched lifestyle that made them seem a little scary. I remember when we met them we were very timid. I must say that they were extremely pleasant and of course very civilized. Lester Square got a little narked with me wanting to talk about Adam and the Ants with Andy Warren who had just left, but they were a joy to meet. Musically they were very sophisticated - even the instrumentals are exciting things usually, hinting at the 60s but always in a modern way.

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