Saturday, April 08, 2006

Detroit Cobras at Myspace

To say the Detroit Cobras are a covers band is like saying Michelango painted ceilings; they have elavated the art of the classic cover to a new level. They usually pick old soul 45s and then give them a punk rock overhaul and then add a near flawless vocal from Rachel Nagy who must be one of the best singers around. She has a harsh voice that is free from rockchick histrionics but instead shreds and bends in a way that reminds me of John Lennon singing Twist and Shout or something similar. Do you get the picture? They are a timeless project that by covering early 60s soul in a rocknroll way makes them sound if anything like a superior Merseybeat band - or at least to me.
Anyway hear for yourself as there are 4 tracks to listen to - Bad Girl is a cover of Memphis trio the Oblivians Bad Boy with a sex change that makes it an even better song. Breakaway is the Irma Thomas hit murdered in the UK by Tracey Ullman.

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