Friday, January 19, 2007

Napoleon and his stomach

Once again Napoleon's stomach is in the news as he now has been reckoned to have died of gastric cancer. Apparently he would have died of it even today. It wasn't helped by his diet, which lacked fresh fruit and vegetables. What can you say? Napoleon is remembered today for the quote 'an army marches on its stomach'. What is this preoccupation with food that everyone has these days? I know it's January and people generally get a bit hypocritical about their health about now but I think there is an unhealthy obsession these days with food and what is considered good or bad. Here's a quick reality check. We all die. No matter what we eat. Napoleon would still have died even if he had had his five veg a day. He wasn't preoccuppied with his diet as he had better things to think about.