Monday, January 01, 2007

Best songs of 2006

Last night Bea made up three cds of the best songs of last year - we do this every year - it always is a fun game and then we try and rate what our top five is - so I'll share some of our choices with you. I have to go with the Cardigans 'I need some fine wine and you you need to be nicer' for my top single - Susan chooses Sean Paul Temperature. Also in there are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion, Morrissey You Have Killed Me. Other hits we liked included Wigwam Checking Out My Wigwam Beck Cellphone's Dead Hot Chip Over and Over. The Kills The Good Ones was popular with both Sue and I as being T-Rexy in a good way. Outkast's Idlewild Blue is of course a blues harp winner sounding almost Ike Turner ish and Amy Winehouse's Rehab scorched itself into our brains like everyone else. We (OK I) liked Deja Vu by Beyonce and the Raconteurs Steady As She Goes and Country Girls by Primal Scream although we're all a bit sick of it now. For some reason my lot like Lady Sovereign and chose Random (kids eh?) and I think most of us like You Don't Know by the various rappers. The Horrors Count in Fives made us fans and we learned to love CSS in particular Ala la.
Most of these videos are available by searching this Blog - I will post some more of our favourites - in the meantime Happy New Year