Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Haslerigg's Lobsters

Anyone recreating the English Civil War in 1/32 scale would be pleased to see the release of these armoured cuirassiers by a Call to Arms. They are one of the few fully armoured mounted units in the Civil War and they were routed by Royalists at Roundway Down. Already the lighter and cheaper harquebusier style was the norm - think classic Roundhead in buff coat and helmet - these were the last relics of the age long gone. The Lobsters were the subject of one of Charles I's only known jokes - when talking about the pursuit of one - he likened the attempt of the attacker to get at him as being like a siege. However in the continent in the 30 years war fully armoured cavalrymen were not a joke and these figures could easily do for Pappenheimer's or similar Imperial cavalry. Now that could be a project that could occupy me for a month or two - recreating the army of Wallenstein in 1/32 scale.