Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad Detectives vintage pic

Looking for some photos to put up on Myspace and found this old photo by Ian Mackay - (Dave's brother) of the Bad Detectives circa 1978 with me on the right with dyed black hair when I used to sing and play harp for them. This was for a Battle of the Bands thing at the Hexagon suite in Frome. I remember Ivan's home-made bass amp which resembled a washing machine catching fire and Henry breaking about 4 strings. I don't think anyone there 'got it' at all.... Great days... I think we were ahead of our time - I don't suppose many people would agree but we were doing stuff in rural Somerset in 77-78 that Billy Childish gets massive praise for doing in London nowadays - but maybe that's the point? I know we were ahead of our time... we did get some mixed reactions though ... anyone got any tapes out there?