Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dracula and Frankenstein Vs Sherlock Holmes

This idea started when my son remarked that I would make a good Frankenstein's monster - I of course took it as a compliment and remarked 'I'm available, and Frankenstein's out of copyright'.... this started a line of thought that has got a plot line developing with Moriarty travelling to Transylvania to enlist Dracula to help him revive Frankenstein's monster - why I am not sure at this stage but maybe so he could exume mass graves on the battlefields of Europe with an aim to reanimate the dead and finish up ruling the world. The only person that can stop him would be Sherlock Holmes himself, possibly teamed up with someone American - how about the whole Buffalo Bill Wild West show fighting a desperate battle against Frankenstein's monster army at Stonehenge? I've seen worse films.