Wednesday, December 27, 2006


My kids got me this film by Roger Vadim for a gift on case you don't know it it's based on a French comic strip and is a very kitsch 60s sci fi affair with lots of cameos and camp costumes. It's either your cup of tea or not - I said after the first couple of seconds 'it's already better than 2001'. Possibly the only sci-fi film I like. Yep, can't say I like any others. Dino De Laurentiis also produced 'Flash' which has some similarities in style. Lot's of groovy music in their too - one song remains stuck in your head
Barbarella psychedella,
There's a kind of cockleshell about you.

Sad to see that it is being redone with Drew Barrymore. Yuk. Try watching it with the sound down - another great sound down movie of the 60s is 'Girl on a Motorcycle' but I suppose that's another post. If you are interested in tracking down the original comics then try this BD page - BD is Bande dessinee I think. Imdb credits. Noteworthy is that the costumes were designed by Paco Rabanne