Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Billy Boy Arnold 'She fooled me'

'Now once upon a time - down on 47th street in Chicago - I met a fine chick'
This is Chicago blues at its very best - a clip from the British-made Devil's Music tv series from 1976 has Billy Boy, who learned harp from John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson and played on Maxwell street with Bo Diddley, in fine rockin' form. This clip has him backed up by the Aces - the Myers and Fred Below - some of the best backing musicians of the genre. This stop-time song is a reworking of his 50s single for Vee Jay and is a great tale of being outclassed by a clever woman. 'I thought she was just a dumb little girl and I could give her almost any old line'.
In the days before video I remember watching this programme with a cassette player pressed up against the tv - daring anyone to speak and spoil it. Well I was 16.
Interview here where he talks about his early career, playing with Bo and I Wish You Would. Bio and recent history here