Saturday, December 16, 2006

American Revolution battle scene

The Patriot was a pretty lousy film but it did have its good points - one of which was this battle scene which for my money is one of the best recreations of combat in the Age of Reason Hollywood has done so far. A lot of digital manipulation is used of course but I think the essence of linear warfare is captured very well in this sequence. Watch it and see if you agree. Finishes up with a fellow being decapitated by a round shot. This was pretty common and experienced soldiers could step aside if discipline permitted it. In some outfits ducking was considered bad form - in the French Horse Grenadiers one officer called out 'Heads up, they're bullets not turds'. Anyway solid shot hasn't been depicted much in movies as it's not as spectacular or as easy to do as explosions - but it was by far the most common ammunition bowling over men and horses like skittles.