Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Action Man

I remember well the Christmas of 1966 - when I got an Action Man - how exciting was that for a six-year old?
I think it was a bit of a shot in the dark for British parents with such an American toy - and a doll to boot - would we all want to go and fight in Vietnam or became homosexuals? American toys disturbed our generation of parents and ones that were overtly militaristic didn't help. I for my part was confused. I spent long hours looking at the catalogue wondering who he was supposed to fight as they only did US stuff initially - maybe they were supposed to fight the cheaper copies that were coming out? When I collected the stars and got a free one was this naked clone an ally or enemy?
Anyway if this image brings back any nostalgia check out the site and chart how old you were when you lost interest. I lasted about one more Christmas and then I think it was all Captain Scarlet. Fickle kids.