Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dixie Cups Chapel of Love

Did anyone else watch the BBC 4 programmes on New Orleans? There was the Les Blank Cajun and Zydeco doc and a programme about Alan Toussaint - all I can say is thank you BBC4 - the Spike Lee documentary When the Levees Broke was moving too - I hope they repeat them - worth watching if a little sad - but at least the music documentaries cheered us up. So good to see Lee Dorsey doing Ride Your Pony and miming to Working In The Coal Mine - I've been looking for that clip for ages - for the simple reason that I want to learn the dance. So when I am on my own and I play Lee Dorsey I can do the dance as well as sing along to it. Possibly the greatest 45 ever Working in A Coal Mine will be played at our party on Saturday - you might even see me doing the dance (basically involving doing imaginary digging) - what else could you play at a party in a coal mining town like Radstock? Anyway - watch the Dixie Cups doing Chapel of Love with the great Alan Toussaint on piano. Or listen to Lee Dorsey but whatever let's think about the people of New Orleans and what they have given the world and hope they get the flood prevention they deserve and get their lives back. We need them.