Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thank you France

For beating those diving Portuguese! What a disgrace to football they are.
It was a fairly dull game but lively enough as every time Ronaldo got the ball as there was booes and whistles from the presumably English people in the crowd who had confidently bought tickets for the semi. I don't ever read the papers but I understand there is a campaign against this young striker. On ITV 4's 'World Cuppa' (I was waiting to see John Boorman's movie Zardoz, alright?) he was described as an 'evil cheating lady-boy'. Ok - enough is enough - if anyone is going to be hounded out of football it should be that egg-headed Swedish so-called Coach Sven Goran Erickson. What a mistake his appointment turned up to be. My dog could have done better. Still listen to me talking about football - I shouldn't really be doing that - I'll be talking about politics next.

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