Thursday, July 20, 2006

Corgi 50th anniversary

Today is being celebrated as the 50th birthday of Corgi - the toymaker who brought you the James Bond Aston Martin, the Batmobile and others. Their first model was the Ford Consul - coincidentally the first car my parents ever owned back in about 1963 costing them £200. This Corgi is now available as a reissue from the above link. I ought to get one - my folks' Ford Consul was a khaki colour though. If I was to get in one now I would probably instantly vomit as I remember that any journey in those days would always involve much throwing up. I can probably say I've been sick in every lay-by in south-west England. Playing loud music cures car sickness we found - it stops the sound of outside the vehicle confusing your brain apparently and its a good place for introducing your little ones to the delights of the Ramones, Buzzcocks etc. I remember my first musical memory in the back of the Ford Consul - me sitting there hammering the seats in front singing 'all the pieces, bits and pieces' in imitation of the Dave Clark Five.

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