Friday, July 21, 2006

Johnny Depp and Bath

Apparently Heat magazine has an article all about Johnny Depp's hang-outs in Bath - one of which is Moles by the way - so I thought by way of helping would-be Depp spotters get nearer their target I'd list some place where you won't find him;
Bath Bus Station - too many drunks with cans of beer shouting abuse at buses and poor people milling about - useful for character research but bad for being photographed
Royal United Hospital - too many old and ill people shuffling about - a distinct lack of beautiful people here unless you like nurses.
Bath Spa Project - still not open despite costing each man woman and child in the area hundreds of pounds
Bath Charity Shops - even with a 6 figure salary it is unlikely that JD will be able to afford the prices charged by Bath charity shops where it is cheaper to buy brand new anything they have on their racks.
The above link takes you to a forum where rumours of Depp buying a property near Bath and what pubs he's been seen in are there.

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