Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beyoncé Deja Vu video

Which one is Beyoncé? asked Sue when she saw me watching a Destiny's Child video once - 'the one that looks like a goddess cast down onto earth' sayeth I. Son's friend George came round the other day and started slagging her off - 'we don't make unpleasant comments about Beyoncé in this house' I said ominously. He went silent but I was only joking. However she is my favourite of the Pop Princesses. In fact this is a game you might want to play - rate the pop princesses - stating why and how - ideal for a long car journey. Anyway this is the new single - having her wearing a load of different looks and hairstyles throughout the video in 5 second clips is the style these days - there is one outfit like a raffia ra-ra skirt that looks hilarious - the dance routine with it looks ludicrous too - but there are some good moments in the video - although I'm not overly taken with the song...yet. wiki on Beyonce wiki on Pop Princesses

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