Thursday, July 06, 2006

Battle of Sedgemoor

Today is the anniversary of this, the last battle on English soil. A dreadful event for Somerset at the time - now a topic for tourism.
Did I mention we met an old boy of about 85 who said that in his youth once a year the bones of the rebels were dug up and paraded around the village.
Here's a picture of me in dark blue portraying a Rebel while filming for BBC Education. The venue is Glastonbury tithe barn - now a Rural Life Museum.
1685 society webpage for more stuff on the Monmouth rebellion. Alas this society is no more but I do think there is still a niche for a good quality Monmouth rebel living history group - recreating a camp - forget the battles - but researching individual personae and learning about the non military aspects of 17th century life.

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