Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Somme and football

I thought it was a myth that footballs were kicked across no man's land during the Somme - due to the confidence in the barrage having silenced the enemy guns or so was the story - but this artefact proves this to be the case. Fitting in some ways that the anniversary of the Somme should coincide with National football mania. Football was played between the Germans and Tommies during the Christmas truce and the game was close to the heart of the men who went over the top that summer. I think they, the fallen, would be happy to think that because of the sacrifices they made we can get irate about the football, drink beer and eat strawberries. Thankfully Europe is a peaceful place where we can devote time to such idle pleasures.
One man to remember is Walter Tull a black professional footballer who died during the Great War.

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