Monday, July 10, 2006

Speculation rife over what enraged Zidane

If you are as cheesed off as I am that France didn't win the World Cup they deserved read the above article on speculation about what caused the incident. Watch the incident here
If it was a racist taunt then given that FIFA have made such a fuss about making racism history then the Italians should have their victory revoked. Simple as that - or ban them from the next competition.
I am going back to my normal status quo of not being remotely interested in football - I am not sure whether I enjoyed the World Cup - I think the refereeing was pretty rubbish, and I found myself annoyed by what went on the pitch. Foulling and diving are so endemic as to deny the game any flow and all the much-vaunted players seemed to spend their time idling and waiting for the ball. I don't know anything about football - what I do know makes me think it's beyond saving. There was a brilliant German movie on Saturday night The Miracle of Bern set in the 1954 World Cup and it showed an era before money and corruption ruined the game.

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