Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Basement Jaxx's Take Me Back to Your House video

I don't like this - in fact I find it pretty offensive - even racist towards Russian people - watch it and see what I mean - you'll probably think I am being over-sensitive but I don't find this any more acceptable than showing black people behaving like minstrels or Chinese people being coolies. There is a T-34 in there btw.

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Ralphus said...

As a follow a Russian friend told me
'As to the Basement Jaxx video - I saw it on MTV as well; well it's funny. I don't think it reasonable to be offended with stuff like this untill someone explicitly claims this is true and this is how Russia looks like in reality. Everybody has right to publicly show his ignorance. BTW, those dancing men in white shirts tuck into red and blue baggy trousers are dressed in Ukranian, not Russian.'