Saturday, January 05, 2008

Revolution (1985)

Time for the great Revolution revival.
I have been waiting for someone to post clips of this on Youtube but there's the trailer on Amazon - that'll have to do. This was made by the same British company Goldcrest that did Chariots of Fire and they lost heavily with this film and its star Pacino didn't work for 4 years in movies afterwards. Which is a shame as I reckon it's a good historical film. OK some of the locations are obviously Britain (Exmoor and King's Lynn among others) and it is a dark and grimy take on the 18th century but I think it's a realistic take on it - I think 18th century American cities were like that - it might not look like the myth - for that check out The Patriot but I well recommend you rent or buy this movie for its unique take on the War of Independence. It isn't a great movie like Barry Lyndon but I maintain its the best movie about the American Revolution after Drums Along the Mohawk. It's very 1980s right down to having Annie Lennox and Robbie Coltrane and the bald guy from the Crystal Maze is in it - he does a great foppish officer type. Not to mention Donald Sutherland. By the way one of my reenacting mates lived in King's Lynn and had quite a few stories about it - his brother was an extra who actually got a speaking part with Natassia Kinski but it was cut. Shame. Preview on Amazon here
NY Times review 'what revolution is this?'