Monday, January 07, 2008

Canned Heat 'Turpentine moan' 'On the Road Again'

I am having a big Canned Heat revival at the moment. I reckon they are the world's greatest blues band - and I kind of hate saying that them being Americans and all but credit where credit's due. I was definitely big on them when I was about 13 and their version of 'Help Me' was the song that probably got me into playing the 'Mississippi saxophone'. They were blessed by having 2 great singers, one singing deep and grittily a bit like Jim Morrison and the other higher and sad-sounding - and this clip shows them off to perfection doing one song each. It's a tv show from 69 and there's a nice interview section in the middle where they ask the Bear about collecting 78 records and the like.
Watch them play 'Human Condition' at a Dutch festival in 1970 here. Watch this clip to the end - it's lovely... 'You people have a beautiful country' . Studio and live session history