Tuesday, January 29, 2008

His Majesty's Indian Allies

Last night in my current interest in the War of 1812 and its bicentennial I picked up and read this book by Robert Allen - the full title is 'His Majesty's Indian Allies - British Indian Policy in the Defence of Canada 1774-1815' -it's a really good book on the subject of the relation between the British Crown and the Indian nations and from my English perspective is a useful slant on the usual whites v indians theme as often found in Hollywood.
Checking out the web for reenactors of this era there are some great Indian living history groups in the US like the Woodland Confederacy Trekking is popular in the US - but we don't have the weather or the scenery do we?
Check out the Eastern Woodland Trekkers for something of interest in that department.
Pic Ottawa chiefs c1814 at Michilimackinac.