Sunday, November 26, 2006

Worker's Songs from the Somerset coalfield

This is a musical posting really. I think. Issue 3 of the Radstock Museum Journal has some wonderful songs that were sung during strikes and so on during the late 19th century. They are stirring stuff and as some are written by G. Mitchard, Somerset Miner's Association official, so I am bound to be interested. Anyway I'd like to see some of these songs redone - - in a new way. There's about 7 in the article by Tom Randall - if you think it might be fun get in touch. To give you a taster of what is a typical song this is the last verse of 'Who Will Help Them'
The kind-hearted colliers of the North of Old England
Have offered to help them and set them free,
From their tyrant oppressors who have long been supreme,
And those Radstock colliers will never give in,
There's no end of danger they're in down below,
Doing their best to bring us good coal,
Yet still in this danger, they're sorely oppressed,
By those who employ them for wages so low

Strong stuff...

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