Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ah nostalgia - even more poignant when relating to toys - well that's what I think. You can tell a true toy fan when they fantasise about what models they'd get when time machines are invented - mine would have to be Britain swoppets. They were amazing and this site does them justice with all manner of interesting pictures and stories about the creation of these superior toy soldiers. I had some of course, never enough and I always changed what I was interested in so I would only have about three of each range. My son was asking me about this tendency to change the period of history I was into frequently the other day - I blame movies for this - you can happily go along being quite happily into say, the Napoleonic wars and then you watch a movie about say the American Revolution and then off you go. Anyway enjoy this site and if you have any of these figures feel free to send them to me, I will give them a good home, and won't trash them like I did 40 years ago. Link to another interesting Herald and Britain's site

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