Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some post punk videos

Here's a few we found - Pop Group Beyond Good Evil and the Only Ones Another Girl Another Planet Magazine's Shot By Both Sides and Joy Division live in 1978 doing Leaders of Men


spleeno said...

Wow, YouTube certainly has some real gems, doesn't it? Did you see the Pop Group live? Any particular memories?

Talking of post-punk, you've probably seen it already but there's an excellent book out on the subject by Simon Reynolds ('Rip It Up and Start Again'). It has a good section on the Pop Group. Well worth a read. (

Also, I was wondering if Animals & Men were fans of Wire at all. "Shell Shock" seems to resonate with some of their slower, brooding numbers.

Ralphus said...

No I haven't seen that book - I've heard of it - maybe I should check it out. Yes we saw the Pop Group - at Trinity church around the time of the 'How Much Longer' lp - very scary - they were a bit posh though for all their Revolutionary fervour - so we didn't approach them when we saw them around.
We liked, Sue and I, the early Wire - 12XU, the Lowdown and so on but kind of drifted away by the time of 154 - some great singles though, from that era that we still play - Outdoor Miner, Dot Dash. Nigel, our bass player was very keen on them I think