Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde clips

The above newsreel though grisly is interesting. It's not really how we like to think of our latter day Romeo and Juliet - riddled with bullet-holes and very much dead. Cheer yourself up by watching the trailer to the Hollywood version from 1967. This was a watershed movie by American standards though it has to be said nothing new as far as European cinema was concerned - perhaps one should watch Pierrot le Fou first.

See Flatt and Scruggs perform the iconic themetune.

Visit the Hideout for more facts and images. Of interest to gun fans is the piece on Clyde's guns - he particularly liked the BAR. Bonnie's poems are worth reading. Seems like someone beat me to the Bonnie and Clyde the Musical idea though. Fansite here; Wikipedia piece here.

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