Thursday, December 22, 2005

King Kong... a star is reborn

I am not normally a fan of remakes but this - the current Peter Jackson version - is very good indeed. It expands on the original - takes the original ideas and gives them more depth and more humanity. Coupled with epic action scenes and panoramas that take the breath away this movie though 3 hours in length keeps your interest from the first scene. NYC of the 1930s is so well recreated that it is totally believable but in a way that makes you feel that you are seeing it in a new way. It makes the original seem like a storyboard - a blueprint for this version which without detracting from the original creates the ultimate version.
Jack Black is good as the crazed Denham but of course the star is the gorilla who has been given more personality and made more believable - there are hints at the fact that he is the last in the line of huge apes and his subsequent loneliness are thrown in and there is a delightful bum-skating scene with King and Ann that is reminiscent of Bambi.
So... give your eyes a treat and your buttocks some torture...go ape for King Kong

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