Monday, March 03, 2008

62nd Foot

Found a nice American Revolution blog with this story about tempting away musicians from the 62nd foot.
I am sorry to inform you that the Americans are too successful in enticing our soldiers to desert; a few days since the whole band of the 62d regiment, excepting the Master, deserted in a body, and are now playing to an American regiment in Boston. . . .
The 62nd foot were a Wiltshire based regiment and there was a time when a few of us were going to recreate them - so it's nice to see them being done so very well in the US - it's their picture at the top of this article and this picture a copy of drawings done from life in 1777 by Von Germann is on their website.
For a British based Redcoat unit of the period try the 47th or the 23rd in Wales.