Sunday, July 29, 2007

Malcolm McLaren 'Deep in Vogue'

The 1989 Waltz Darling album has made a return to the decks chez nous recently - we used to play it a lot back in the late 80s when it came out and we dug it out to see if it was as good as we remembered and it was. It mixes the Bootzilla orchestra with Viennese Waltzes and is a great summery record. This track 'Deep In Vogue' sounds like it was the inspiration for Madonna's awful 'Vogue' - watch this video and see if you prefer Talcy Malcy's take on Vogueing...we do! The album Fans, which mixed rap with Opera, was also a great LP. Check out the wiki on this great British pop alchemist. Sad to see him on the latest ITV reality show the Baron... where 3rd rate celebrities stay in a remote Scottish village in an attempt to get elected 'Baron'. To save you the trouble of watching it apparently McLaren angers the locals, says 'God is a sausage' and gets thumped and leaves...coming soon - can you wait? Watch the embarassing run up to the scene here