Friday, September 29, 2006

Something kinda Ooooh

I know we're supposed to like Girls Aloud - they have been critically acclaimed and all that and we're supposed be all behind this so-English pop and have a favourite one, but this one stinks - it sounds like an advert! I am tired of pop videos looking like adverts and adverts using pop music - why not standardise the 2 genres and make one? After all plenty of pop promos have product placement all over them - mostly phones and mp3 players - why don't we make all singles the length of a commercial and have a punch line and product endorsement at the end and then that way the whole thing can become a feeding frenzy of cash changing hands and we can have the knowledge that we ARE being exploited.
The chorus of this latest blend of rock and dance has the wonderful
Something kinda oooh Jumping on my toot toot, Something inside of me, Wantin' part of you oOo
1984 is here...
Wiki on Girls Aloud video

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