Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rare records and things Monochrome Set

I don't presume to go into details about all the records we buy and sell but I thought I'd let you know that we got 103 pounds for our Mental ep - so the moral is there if someone tries to sell you something like a record, book or something - buy it and store it - it might be worth something. Flushed with our success we have put our Ideal for Living Ep by Joy Division up on ebay - hardest part is convincing buyers it's not a fake it's so rare. But we're not just selling the family jewels we're buying a few things - holes in our Monochrome set collection. We found someone with copies of the live dvd - see elsewhere on this blog - should be for UK format. Also bought the live lp Fin and we hope to get the Bid solo single 'Reach for your Gun' (by bidding).
A propos the Monochrome Set - did you know Morrissey was a fan - maybe an Mset plagiarist? We sussed it out thanks to our son who is a fan of both. The songs are from a similar perspective - poetic outsider writing about taboo subjects in a world weary louche way - over twangy guitars. Anyway I think the fact that he doesn't often mention he is a fan is a good indication of the fact that he might feel some guilt over this - the only mention I've found of it is a quote from Mozzer on the wikipedia entry "How can anyone go through life without the dear, cuddly Monochrome Set?" So come on Morrissey - time to come out of the closet - stop going on about the New York Dolls - it's a red herring - you owe a creative debt to the Set!

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