Monday, October 24, 2005

'Gettysburg' and 'Gods And Generals' movies

Why was it so that the movie Gettysburg was so good and the follow-up prequel Gods and Generals so bad? Maybe it was the writing? - G&G was written by the son of the author of 'The Killer Angels'the book on which Gettysburg was based...but the talking scenes in G&G are some of the worst ever filmed - particularly anything with Stonewall Jackson in or anything to do with any subject that got the actors all misty eyed. Jeff Daniels is one of the few of the orginal big names still on board and he looks puffy as if he's been hitting the biscuits while waiting for new offers to come in. Duvall is good as Lee but not as good as Martin Sheen with his sing-song southern lilt which you have to try and copy - 'I believe we may have an opportoonity heah'
The rendering of Frederciksburg is welldone and the battles pretty good all in all - but whereas Gettysburg is a buyer - G&G is a rental only - wonder if the law of diminishing sequels will extend to the 'Last Full Measure' the final chapter...I think I can wait.
Why are they discussing bird flu on the G&G message board?
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