Monday, October 10, 2005

10mm wargaming

This is a scale that is gaining ground in popularity - it could even be described as a craze - the world of mini-wargaming - figures that are 10mm in scale - not the smallest but pretty small. These French and Indian war figures are from one of the leading figure companies - Pendraken
I'm going to paint a few of these and post them up for your perusal. If you want lots of tips in how to paint them sign up for for all the techniques. They are 2.75 a pack and Pendraken take Paypal. Caliver Books in the UK stock the Old Dominion Gameworks and Old Glory American Revolution figures in 10mm which will give you more Natives to paint as well.
The obvious advantage of this scale is a normal sized table can be used as your battlefield and the cost of the armies make it a pretty cheap experience.
There's another review here

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