Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Reenacting the Russian Civil War

You might think with all this about the RCW I would be wanting to reenact it - well we tried that a few years ago. There is/was a group up North called the 1914-21 Society (website not up at the moment) which was a great group that had RCW weekends - we went to one and thoroughly enjoyed it. But our interest kind of waned. In Russia apparently there's not a lot going on - there's some White groups who are overly political (politics and reenactment don't mix well) and that's about it. There is however a thriving WW1 scene as I have covered on this blog before and I hope that when the centennial of the Russian Revolution and the Civil War come along maybe some of them will get involved. Here are some images of such a group - a WW1 group doing a Civil war event. Looks good. More here and here