Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sonny Boy Williamson

I have been a big fan of Sonny Boy since I was about 14 years old - setting myself the goal of trying to get all his records in some form or other - a crazy task which I have now abandoned but I am always on the lookout for more tracks. On this excellent site which is a goldmine of information I learn of a session he did with a band called the Skunks who were the only rock band that was signed to Chess who apparently had dyed black and white hair. Sonny Boy dropped in one day in 64 and sat in with them. Sonny Boy must have played with more musicians than anyone else on the planet. There's even a cd on the website that has Sonny Boy playing guitar! One day in the future Sonny Boy will be revered and held as one of America's greatest songwriters and musicians - dare I call him the Black Bob Dylan? He's up there with the top ten US musicians I reckon but as you know I know nothing and am nothing.