Sunday, March 28, 2010

1/144 scale tanks

Maybe I will do this period in 1/144 scale. This is a fast growing scale with lots of Far Eastern made tanks - ready painted and assembled and 'collectable'. It's quite a craze with obviously lots of US and German tanks - not so many Russians. Started off as a scale for aeroplanes but now there's plenty of armour. Check out this wikipedia list of manufacturers. Figures are approximately 10mm... But of course they are priced accordingly - you can get cheaper lead or resin models you paint yourself -Pendraken do a pretty good range. They also do Spanish Civil War. Check out this 1/144 blog to see the micro or mini world up close. Also check out WGS for an expanding range. Pegasus hobbies do a lot of things for the period Ukrainian houses, tanks and even infantry like these painted Russians.