Sunday, October 05, 2008

Animals and Men LP out

Animals & Men - Never Bought Never Sold [MR024LP]
Yes indeed - a 12 inch vinyl long player is out on Mississippi Records. Tracks are
Side A
Don't Misbehave In The New Age.
Waiting For My Stranger.
I Never Worry.
Terraplane Fixation.
Shop Talk.
Dreaming Of Babylon.
Treasure of the Damned
Side B

Evil Going On .
It's Hip.
We Are Machines.
The Man With The Spiked-Toed Shoes
You Excite Me Baby.
Shell Shock

In the US it is available through Bistro Distro, Feral Ward, Midheaven Mailorder and Forced Exposure.In France it is available through La Distro from Lyon and Moloka out of Dijon.
There's also an interview with Susan in issue 306 of the magazine Maximum Rock and Roll - wiki on the mag here