Thursday, July 03, 2008

New York Dolls in Bristol

If you know me in RL you might know I don't go out to gigs much - it takes a living legend to get me out of the comfort zone and last night was one of those trips out under the wire to see the New York Dolls at the Thekla. What a night! Scorching singalong songs played by our favourite rock stars. Some nice tributes were paid to Bo Diddley and of course Thunders and they even morphed into Little Walter's Mellow Down Easy during Jet Boy which we loved. I have to say Johansen has possibly the best white blues voices in modern pop - it's still growling and a howling...what a star. People forget how bluesy the Dolls are, with their wailing harp - Sonny Boy and Diddley covers - it is all there... mixing punk with trash ten years before most people even got to hear them. They seemed to be loving playing and the audience lapped it up singing all the whoo hoos and choruses making Johansen grin like a cheshire cat.
We had a bit of a nice tribal gathering of old pals there too - probably hadn't all been together since about 83 so it was quite an emotional evening - I felt tears well up when they did Lonely Planet Boy as the timeless quality of the evening kicked in.... anyway to conclude - get to see them if you can music lovers it's rock and roll par excellence! See them play Dance Like a Monkey and be interviewed on British tv in 2006
The Rest of the Tour
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